1 September 2016

Vision, Mission and School Objectives


Be devoted, character, environmentally minded and competitive in the global era.


  1. Realizing faithful and devoted people
  2. Implement school rules consistently
  3. Creating schools with literacy culture
  4. Increasing the love of the homeland
  5. Involve parents / guardians to create students with character
  6. Carry out extracurricular activities that can foster a sense of social care for students
  7. Creating a school culture that loves the environment
  8. Carry out academic and non-academic activities as a forum for students to develop their potential optimally
  9. Coordinating with parents, communities, universities and government and private institutions
  10. Able to compete in the global era


  1. Maintaining harmony among religion communities in the school environment
  2. Familiarize worship before the process of teaching and learning activities
  3. Cultivate 7S ( senyum, salam, sopan, sapa, santun, silaturahmi, sedekah )
  4. Creating discipline, character and social care for all school residents
  5. Establishing school cooperation with stakeholders
  6. Realizing environmental care for school residents
  7. Realizing teaching and learning activities effectively and efficiently
  8. Print graduates who have life skills
  9. Forming quality human resources so that they can compete in the global era
  10. Creating a stake holder who is able to compete nationally and internationally.